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Leverage the same HandCash Cloud backend we use and forget about applying for custodial licenses, key management and just build!
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The HandCash Connect SDK gives you total freedom as it is http based, allowing you to add Bitcoin nanopayments on any platform with internet access.
Any Platform
For the first time you can go beyond the web browser and create native mobile or desktop apps, and even trigger payments from your backend.
Lightning Fast
Our SDK has been designed with scaling and performance in mind to guarantee you with a best in class micropayment experience.
Speed to Market
With Connect it's so easy and fast to make your projects a reality. You take care of your business, we take care of Bitcoin for you.

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Reach all HandCash users at launch on the best app distribution channel for Bitcoin apps.
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Building Blocks

We made building Bitcoin apps as easy as playing with LEGO bricks. Our modular API calls are in plain English and don't require any previous knowledge in Bitcoin programming.
HandCash Connect could save developers 6-12 months. Seriously. More importantly, it lets developers focus on what they do best: creating great app experiences.
Brad Jasper AKA "Synfonaut"
I would have to wrap together at least four open source libraries, and in fact wait a few months, before even starting to build the functions available here if not for Connect.
Darren Kellenschwiler aka "Deggen"

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